Q & A
Q1: How many times does LIQUID-ARMOR need to be reapplied ?
A1: Just 2 sprays by bottle of LIQUID-ARMOR or 1 pack by LIQUID-ARMOR convenience kit for 3.5"~4" Smartphone screen size every time apply it. Each bottle of LIQUID-ARMOR can spray up to 50 times.
Q2: How long LIQUID-ARMOR can last once applied?
A2: Scratch-resistance will last up to 6 months. For best result, recommend to reapply LIQUID-ARMOR solution every 3 months.
Q3: How do I know I should apply LIQUID-ARMOR again?
A3: The solution will last about 6 months at optimal condition, and it depends on individual usage. Reapplying as needed for frequent rubbing and cleaning of the screen.
Q4: Would reapply LIQUID-ARMOR make the screen protection stronger?
A4: The scratch-resistance will not be stronger with more application of LIQUID-ARMOR. It will just make the nano coating spread more evenly on the glasses screen.
Q5: Will LIQUID-ARMOR work on Metal or Plastic ?
A5: LIQUID-ARMOR works on perfectly on glasses screen, but we don't recommend to apply it on Metal or Plastic material.
Q6: Do I have to take care about anything, when using LIQUID-ARMOR the second or third times?
A6: Just clean your screen with microfiber cloth, and follow the instruction to re-apply LIQUID-ARMOR.
Q7 When I cleaned the screen completely first and then I applied the LIQUID-ARMOR, but it left streaks on the screen that did not disappear.
A7: It is normal to see the streak if you "OVER" applied LIQUID-ARMOR. If you use Microfiber Cloth and rub it hardly, it will make the nano-coating layer more evenly and will not hurt the glasses screen.
Q8: If I want to clean my display or sell my smart phone, I would like to remove the rest of LIQUID-ARMOR completely,  what do I have to do?
A8: It is not necessary to remove LIQUID-ARMOR, as it's an invisible nano coating. There is no physical form that you need to remove.
Q9: Can I apply LIQUID-ARMOR on Digital Camera Lens?
A9: The Digital Camera Lens' are made by glasses, and LIQUID-ARMOR will provide the perfect solution to protect the glasses lens' surface.
Q10: How effective is this nano-coating against resisting scratches when compared
to the normal glass of the iPhone screen?
A10: LIQUID-ARMOR uses physic concept by adding nano coating on the surface of glasses screen, in order to increase the scratch-resistance. Obviously, the glasses screen with LIQUID-ARMOR being applied will increase the scratch-resistance level substantially.