1. Make sure device is turned off and completely cooled down.
2. Clean your device screen thoroughly with provided microfiber cloth before applying LIQUID-ARMOR.
3. Squirt one or two sprays onto microfabric cloth. Gently apply LIQUID-ARMOR to the glass screen in one direction, avoiding circular motion for 10 - 20 seconds until coating is evenly distributed. Two sprays is enough to coat any standard mobile phone glass screen. Four or five sprays will coat any tablet or e-reader glass screen.
4. Avoid touching the coated screen during application process. Your device should not come in contact with water over 24 hour period. Wait at least 10 minutes before use.
5. LIQUID-ARMOR Nano-coating film will continue to harden over 24 hour
period. After 24 hours, buff out any streaks on glass screen with provided microfiber cloth and enjoy your protected device.
*One application can last up to 6 months.
For best results, reapply LIQUID-ARMOR solution once every 3 months.
1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Avoid eye contact. Rinse with cool water in the event of eye contact.
3. Excessive water or fluids may cause damage to any electronic devices.
DYNAFLO will not be responsible for any damages done to your device caused by excessive spilling or improper installation of LIQUID-ARMOR.
4. Liquid-Armor adheres to glass surfaces and offers optimal screen scratch resistant protection against normal wear and tear. Intentional contact with sharp objects or abrasive materials such as sand can damage your device.