LIQUID ARMOR (5 ml Spray Bottle)
Invisible Screen Protector with Nano Technology P/N: LA-50B

LIQUID-ARMOR a remarkable Nano coating technology that shines and protects your portable device screen like nothing else! One simple application of LIQUID-ARMOR with unique anti-static and weather- resistant formula will repel dust and stains for up to 6 months!

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  Video Demo:
Provides scratch-resistant surface for normal wear and tear.
Screen protection up to 2x stronger than traditional screen protection film.
Preserves touch screen sensitivity sharpness and vividness of screen display.
Anti-Static / High Gloss
Water spill-resistant
Smooth, dirt repellent surface.
Best to protect any glasses of Smartphone, Tablet PC, LCD/LED (Camera, Laptop, TV) Screen without size boundary.


  Nano Coating Figure:

LIQUID ARMOR Spray Bottle x 1 (5 ml, 0.17 FL oz.)
Microfiber Cloth x 1 (8" x 8", 20cm x 20cm)
Overall Dimension: 194 x 107 x 35 (mm)
Overall Weight: 80.0 (g)
Terms of Use
Liquid-Armor Limited Warranty Rights
Liquid-Armor is a unique nano-technology coating that is formulated to enhance the resistance of scratching of the glass screen mainly on electronic devices.  It is designed to limit damage resulting from incidental contact with items that typically scratch the viewing glass surface of your device. Dynaflo does not warrant that the application of the Liquid-Armor coating on your device will prevent deep scratches or galling as a result of deliberate or inadvertent contact with sharp edges or abrasive materials.
Liquid-Armor is warranted only for the uses and conditions as stated above. Dynaflo will not assume any responsibility nor warrant Liquid-Armor if the product is used for any application other than for which it is intended.
The above terms are valid if Liquid-Armor is applied and is used as directed.  All other uses of Liquid-Armor void this warranty.
We warrant that Liquid-Armor, when applied in accordance with our guidelines, will not damage your device. We are not responsible for any damage which may occur to your device as a result of a failure to follow the application guidelines noted elsewhere on the Application Instructions page.
Customer Service
If you have any questions about your warranty rights or about the Liquid-Armor coating, please contact Liquid-Armor Customer Service at 510-498-8888 or send your email to

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